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The company supplies components CHETRA American Deere & Co

8 February 2019

CHETRA company collaborates with the American machinery company Deere & Co. Between them signed a specific agreement. So at the plant «Promtractor» and «Promtractor-Promlit» will produce details. Both plants, located in Cheboksary. Items will be ship company Deere & Co. They are needed for agricultural machinery brand John Deere. Necessary accessories stands wheel load. It is necessary for the Assembly of tractors 8000 series. The delivery quantity is more than 140 tons of cast products. It will be delivered to the factory «John Deere Rus». The company is located in Domodedovo (Moscow region).

After delivery of the first batch is planned to start the second. This should be entered into the second contract. The amount of the second instalment should be up to 400 tons. It is planned to be implemented in the production season of 2019−2020. CHETRA also plans to expand the line of products for John Deere. Currently, the project of developing a new product. We are talking about the front frame. There are also lots of orders and other components for tractors. There is a mind also for agricultural machinery brand John Deere.

For the company Deere & Co cooperation with CHETRA is extremely important. This is another step towards the strategic goal. It is how to localize the supply of parts. Again, in order to produce technique. Thanks to the cooperation with CHETRA will be optimized the cost of production. This is mainly due to the decrease in cost of production. It will also be closer to the customer. Improve the quality and speed of logistics. In addition, will receive state support. Both companies are counting on a mutually beneficial and successful cooperation.

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