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Nucor will build a new plant in USA

18 January 2019

Nucor is a major American metallurgical Corporation. It intends to build a new plant for the production of plate steel. It is planned to place in the state located in the Midwestern United States. The power of the future plant will be 1.08 million tons per year. Implementation of the project is estimated at 1.35 billion dollars. Is already approved by the Board of Directors of the Corporation. The selection of the site for construction to do at the beginning of this year. Commissioning of the plant is planned in 2022. Thanks to him, you will expand the range of products of the company.

The future plant will produce heat-treated products. It will be available in sheets and rolls. Width will vary from 1520 to 4064 mm. Thickness 0,476 of 35.56 mm. to to Used products will be in different areas. Today the company produces heavy steel plate. Its plants are present in three U.S. States. It’s like North Carolina, Alabama and Texas. The new plant will be located in the best location. It is close to the main consumers of its products. Mainly, we are talking about the engineering sector.

On the development of American industry was affected by many factors. Among them are tax reform and the regulatory regime. To this list added to the protectionist trade policies of the United States. This led to the fact that demand for steel plate grew. Of course, increased prices for products A36. The price indicator for short ton is over $ 1000. Price metric ton 1102,5 dollars. Thus, the justified long-term investment in new capacity. This is explained by the head of Nucor Corporation John Ferriola.

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