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Chilean Collahuasi suggested that canadian Teck Resources to create shared infrastructure

24 January 2019

Collahuasi is a Chilean copper company. It is jointly owned by the two companies. We are talking about Glencore and Anglo American. She recently addressed the canadian company Teck Resources. It was made a proposal on joint use of resources. This refers to when the companies to implement projects for capacity expansion. In December last year, both companies made statements. So they plan to launch major investment programs.

The company Collahuasi is planning to increase its productivity. Now the figure is 545 thousand tons per year. The company intends to enter the result in 710 thousand tons. It is ready to allocate about 3.2 billion dollars. Teck Resources plans to merge with Sumitomo. It’s a Japanese group. Together they are implementing a project aimed at expanding the production of copper. We are talking about copper in concentrate at the mine Quebrada Blanca. In 2017 the volume of production amounted to 23.4 thousand tons. It is planned to increase to 300 thousand tons per year.

Teck Resources and Collahuasi are close to each other. They are located in the mountains of Northern Chile near the Bolivian border. CEO of Collahuasi made a tempting offer. So it is suggested not to create separate pipelines, power lines, etc. It is better to unite and create a common infrastructure. This is a pretty good idea, since the area is inaccessible. Joint construction to ease the situation for both parties. In addition, both of mine are interested in joint use of water resources. They are located in this region are in short supply.

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