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26 December 2018

In holding «Belarusian metallurgical company» includes 22 companies. It was founded in 2012. For the period from January to November its revenue had increased. In the end, the figure exceeded $ 2 billion. During the operation of the business, this is the best result. The rate of revenue growth during the reporting period amounted to 134%. This refers to the analogous period last year.

More than 70% of this revenue came from the BMZ. He also acts as a management company of the holding. In addition to his significant contribution of JSC «Belverdere» and JSC «Beltsvetmet». The same applies to their unitary enterprises. Also, the lead JSC «Rechitsa hardware plant» and «Mogilev metallurgical factory».

All of these companies are actively worked the entire reporting period. They managed to increase their revenue from 123 to 158%. Again, same last year period. The best result was shown Mogilev metallurgical plant. The growth rate was 58.9%. In 2016, the plant implemented an investment project. It concerns the production of rough axles. For the current year, the company sold 16432 PCs axes. Over 80% of the received product was exported. Deliveries were carried out in nearby countries, including Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

Revenue growth from product sales explained by several reasons. The main acts that were mobilized internal resources. All enterprises included in the holding company carried out active work. It was also aimed at increasing sales volumes. We are talking about sales of goods in real terms. Special attention was paid to increase sales efficiency. In some cases, increased the prices of products.

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