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Elektrozink trade would be stopped for repairs

11 September 2017

Electrozinc, part of the team completes the preparatory work, after which will be followed by stopping the fixation of the production of zinc. This procedure the company carries out each year. Its main purpose is to maintain the equipment in good operating condition. Repair to prevent possible failures, to prevent failures during operation. Main workshops zinc production stop, will be carried out their inspection, cleaning, repair procedures, scheduled for September 5. About the situation today, said Valery Khorans, chief mechanic of the enterprise. The readiness of the plant’s employees, contractors, is about 70%.

The consolidated plan generally includes more than one thousand events. The largest include the replacement of the turbocharger and repair kislotoproduktion located on the drying-absorption plot. The workshops will be carried out repairs of gutters and filters, process piping, stairs, fencing and grounds maintenance. Also planned for assessment of the automation, cable lines and instrumentation. Features and innovation — renovation work in 2017 will affect Wilczek. This involved the commissioning of the upgraded site responsible for the grinding of the raw materials. Special attention will be given to the sulphuric acid shop. Activities include stopping and cutting in the processing chain of the new 72-meter sanitary pipe and end absorber. Planned and replacement flue. It connects the roasting shop and the first washing tower sulfuric acid production. Its length is 33 meters and a diameter up to 2000 mm. Experts-repairmen elektrozink ready to provide a stopping to repair the required parts almost 80%. The works should be completed by 30 September 2017.

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