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Electrozinc has started testing the new equipment

7 August 2017

We are talking about a new ball mill. Its tests are carried out in a hydrometallurgical shop of JSC Electrozinc. The introduction of the upgraded equipment is designed to provide a certain effect. In this case, to reduce the negative impact of production processes on the surrounding world. Also, the company’s management expects to improve the quality of solutions of zinc. Accordingly, it is expected the reduction of production costs. Presumably they will be about 43 mln RUB/year. Changes in technology have led to the upgrading of the section of grinding. We are talking about the recycling that contains zinc raw materials. It consists of elements whose presence adversely affects the electrolysis process. To increase the output of these elements from the production processes, it was decided the capacity-temperature calcination’ts-oxides. Is the product obtained by roasting and contain zinc. If earlier the temperature was 4000 C, then after the upgrade it up to 10000 C.

After the withdrawal of the elements is their dust removal and washing. However, we have observed enlargement’ts-oxides. The size of the granules ranges from 5 to 8 mm, which complicates their processing. Acquisition of ball mill caused by the purpose of grinding the pellets to desired size. After that, they will be returned to the process circuit.

Electrozinc not the first company faced with a similar problem. Chelyabinsk zinc plant has previously been used to carry out a successful modernization of equipment. After grinding is completed, the oxides will be sent to GMC for treatment. The next step in technology — the development of the commodity zinc. The project was developed by experts of the Department of enrichment of SK GMI. After the test, staff will develop a table of optimum modes of functioning ball mill. The cost of modernization will exceed 7 million RUB.

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