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Alcoa resumes production at the plant "Warrick"

2 August 2017

American steel company Alcoa plans to resume aluminum production at the plant «Warrick» (Indiana).

So, in II quarter of 2018, three out of the five production facilities of the plant should resume production in the smelting of aluminium. It should be noted that the power of these technological objects is 161.4 thousand tons per year.

To restore partial production for smelting aluminium factory «Warrick», the company will require investments in the amount of 30 — 35 million dollars.

It should be noted that Alcoa will be provided by the Indiana financial aid in the form of a tax credit for $ 2.4 million. Also, the state government will give the company a grant in the amount of 100 thousand dollars on training new staff.

The plant was shut down in March 2016. The reason of the downtime of the plant was the low cost of aluminum. But the plant continued to produce aluminum packing foil from recycled aluminum and other raw materials.

Management’s Alcoa resume partial production activities in the smelting of aluminium at the plant will enable the company to increase profits from sales of aluminum.

Partial resumption of production at the plant is implemented also by supporting the new government of the United States of America.

Due to the recovery of 3 production facilities at the plant «Warrick» the performance of the company «Alcoa» will be 74 percent. In other words, production capacity will reach 2.5 million tons in 12 months.

As you know, the company «Alcoa» resumed 50 percent capacity at the mill «Portland» (Victoria). Stop production of this plant was due to the fact that a certain percentage of equipment in need of repair — equipment out of Lada in December 2016.

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