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MSC continues to update the equipment

10 July 2017

Mednogorsky copper-sulphuric plant continues implementation of the modernization of the technology Park. In the framework of the mill was purchased four pieces of equipment to the technical control Department. Employees of Department have received the weight of the moisture, drying Cabinet, jaw crusher and vibrating caseby eraser. Each of the elements of the acquired technology represents an innovative equipment. Its equipment includes electronics and automation. This combination provides maximum accuracy in defining the quality parameters of materials obtained by the products of sulfide briquettes. Performance evaluation will be carried out in copper-smelting shop, in the area of briquetting. Each briquette is made of materials containing copper, coupling elements. Such briquettes are included in the charge composition used in the process of melting mine. This is the first level rough pyrometallurgical production of copper.

The new equipment will allow the laboratory staff to more effectively monitor the necessary parameters of production processes. Will also improve and accelerate the execution of works regarding the preparations of samples for carrying out chemical research. As a result — increasing the reliability of the results in the process of analytical control of product composition. This indicator directly affects the quality of blister copper and its quantity. The advantages of purchased equipment can be attributed to the consumption of time for analytical work. Thus, the grinding time of each sample to a size of 0.08 mm was decreased by 30%. Thanks to the automatic control systems it was possible to prevent loss of material, the penetration into it of foreign impurities, errors under the influence of the human factor.

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