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Experts assessed Iranian program

9 July 2017

The company Foolad Tehnic International Engineering Company published data collected over the past two years. The analysis was aimed at assessing the state of the national industry. Considered not only its current position. It was about the state program of industry development until 2025. First, you should consider the plans of the Iranian government. According to them, in 2025 the annual production capacity for steel production should reach 55 million tons. Including 20 million tons is export version. What steps are needed to provide Iran’s steel industry with the required raw materials? In the first instance to the specified period will need to increase annual production of iron ore to 168 million tons. The number of produced concentrate should reach 86 million tons. The annual production of pellets expected to be 87 million tons. The share of HBI will have 57 million tons annually.

From March 2016 to March 2017 manufacturers of Iran produced 18.51 million tons of steel. Total annual capacity by early 2017, has reached 29.8 million tons. This figure until mid-September of the current year may be increased by 4.82 million tons. However, small businesses account for about 3.3 million tons of products. Their production capacity is 200 000 tonnes / year. Basically equipped with such production induction furnaces, idle at this point.

Today, Iran’s annual production capacity reaches 80 million tons of iron ore. The indicator for the production of concentrate — 43,4 million tons. Pellet production to 38 million metric tons of HBI — 28 million tons. The analysis exploited and are in the process of implementation of projects demonstrates the lack of production by 2025.

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