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One of the international companies financed in the manufacturing sector in the UK

4 May 2017

Liberty house made a statement on the establishment of three hundred additional jobs in one of the regions of the UK. This will help to develop the metallurgical industry in South Yorkshire. They have publicly stated that the purchase transaction with Tata still closed. Liberty house officially, the owners of one of the Yorkshire divisions of the company. Organization Mr Gupta said that after receiving all of the rights will be added new jobs. The total number of employees after making adjustments will be 2000 people. Most of them «rescued» through the buyout of the company, and the 300 will be new.

In liberty said they would Fund tens of millions of pounds in new plants and equipment. This will help increase competitive forces in the market and strengthen the company’s leadership. The branch will strengthen the production for the most part on electric arc furnaces of the type in Stellite and rentals. In the long term will increase production on all items of issue of the company. According to our estimates, crude steel production will grow significantly during the current year. Production of rental merchandise increased to four hundred thousand tons per year.

In liberty house know that the newly acquired factory is one of the most important steps when implementing your own plan GRINSTER. From this point the company will become the largest steel production of its type across the country. The campaign Genstil, Siemens, a subsidiary of liberty Hausa is in place. They considered the financing units of biodiesel purchased plants.

Business in the field of special steels is a global leader in this field. A qualitatively trained and clearly know what they’re doing workers the managers are willing to invest their finances. This will help to grow and develop the potential of employees of the enterprise. Investing in this segment of the market, they hope for a bright future of industry in Britain. At the correct construction of business models and good approach and metallurgy sector in the UK will have a good development. The government is now actively pursuing a new strategy in the industry after Breccia. Metallurgy as a segment needs to be in charge of a whole new strategy. Director of liberty house is confident that the future of the industrial sector in this approach.

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