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The Metinvest increased production of steel products of different types

30 April 2017

Steel production at the company’s enterprises from the Netherlands Metinvest B. V, in the starting period of the current year increased. In the ratio to the previous quarter it increased by one percent. And after the growth amounted to about two million seventy thousand tons. However, when compared with figures from April of last year, they have become more than four percent.

In the opening quarter of this year were slightly reduced the production of iron. In relation to the previous period, it fell by ten percent. The drop was up to one million nine hundred forty-eight thousand tons. And was influenced by the fact that less steel production at Ilyich plant and steel plant in Yenakievo. And this process was slightly replaced by increased production at metallurgical plant Azovstal. The production of finished goods for the first three months of this year fell to twenty-six thousand tons. And if you compare with the last quarter of last year, up to one million five hundred eighty-six thousand tons.

Growth works of the steel products flat in the first segment, the current year is associated with the growth of similar goods on Azovstal iron and steel works and factories in Europe. The increase of companies amounted to seventy-nine, eighty-two and nineteen thousand tonnes, respectively. This could compensate for the decline in production at the plant Lenin for twenty-two thousand tons.

Fell compared to last quarter and the production of long rolled products. In this segment, it amounted to three hundred and thirty-five thousand tons. And it is on one hundred and nineteen thousand tons less than in the past. This has helped the decline in production at Promet steel and yenakiieve steel, and has restored growth at Azovstal. Changes made up twenty-one thousand, one hundred and nineteen thousand and eleven thousand, respectively.

Manufacturer of rail, raised on nine thousand tons related to the implementation of the orders of the railway. The manufacture of products type pipe exceeded the level of last cut of five thousand tons. This contributed to the increased production of other pipe eight thousand tons. And this, in turn, was the result of an increase in capacities at the steelworks Ilyich. At the same time, production of pipes having large diameter, in one of the cities was stopped. Due to the lack of power over the enterprise was disabled Khartsyzsk pipe plant. Stop fell on the fifteenth of March of the current year.

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