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Jeep for underground use, was a finalist in the Swedish competition

26 April 2017

In the finals Swedish still prayz 2017 the company Permel out by the developer of the underground cars. She created a special underground machine Maverick with specific indicators. Ease of maintenance, repair and period of service.

International award Swedish Steele prize is given for outstanding achievements in design and modern developments. All concerns of steel products for different applications. The company Permel from South Africa was one of the 4 finalists this year. The conclusion of the competition will be may 11 in one of the Swedish cities.

The cars like the Maverick, approximately ninety percent of steel and is very durable. The combination of strong and weak wear steel improves not only safety and durability. Increased useful load, does not hinder the service life.

Without the use of progressive types of very hard steel to develop such machines would not develop. Conventional methods create would cause deterioration of characteristics. As well as reduced range of the finished product so much that demand would be close to zero.

The company Termel got to the final for the following reasons from the jury. They have developed a line has not previously existed vehicles for many purposes. They improve safety in the mining industrial sector for workers. Such machines come to replace simple technique, which is already in operation. Even if it’s many upgrades and is absolutely fit even the most stringent requirements. And safety legislation now several times harder than before. Improving the whole structure of the apparatus and the main body, brought a new level of private security. Also increased payload, maneuvering, durability and life span of your machines. Do not forget about improving the reliability of the design.

Already at least twenty years, the winners of the prize Swedish still be a different power company. Also winning organizations and individuals. The main condition is the development of new methods of production and its improvement. And use the maximum number of grades of steel. The winner gets not only a souvenir from the hands of famous masters, but also a cash prize. It is equal to one hundred thousand Swedish currency, the use of which found the company SSAB. They suggest to transfer money to charities.

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