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In India will create a joint venture from RUSAL

14 April 2017

One of the largest world manufacturers of aluminium products — RUSAL create a joint venture. Co-founder will perform metallurgical company Rania Meteors Ate Ate PI. The company’s executives is influenced by the shareholders of the company Vedanta. For this reason, an agreement was signed to establish a joint venture on parity conditions in India.

Joint power creates the production is very high, the global average. It is specialized in the manufacture of aluminum pastes of high technology. The same powders will be produced with the large spectrum of use. Including in high-tech fields, as a technology of additio and energy in the sun.

India plans regarding the promotion of these sectors is quite ambitious. RUSAL will provide their wide experience of suitable products of excellent quality for their purposes.

The capacity projects will be approximately ten thousand tons of products per year. The project will begin in 2017 and production of finished products, the factory will start in the next.

The project will have several stages of implementation. The first step is the registration of joint production and development project. It also included an important point is the choice of site placement. The target audience of the marketing of products of the future enterprise are India, Asia and the middle East. In the markets of these countries, you may notice strong growth.

The aim of the strategy of RUSAL is strengthening of production and sales of products with increased value. Including such tasks include the creation of joint capacities. For the production of pastes, powders and powders from aluminum there are all conditions. So RUSAL’s long experience in manufacturing combined with state of Rania Meteors in the local games. This gives a large competitive advantage and good market positions. So commented one of the direct managers of the project from RUSAL.

The situation is commented by General Director of Rania Meteors and newly created enterprises. He said the company’s strategy is to participate in businesses, creating new materials. Also among their objectives the production of products applicable to solutions of high technology. This planning is being implemented through a partnership with the world leaders among steel companies. He was personally glad to establish a joint venture for the production of innovative products. This will be useful for global and regional markets.

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