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The credit rating of Metinvest is significantly increased due to international companies

16 April 2017

The press service of Metinvest recently made a very important statement. After successfully completed restarts the debt of the company increased in March its credit ratings. This event actively contributed to two international enterprises, regarding ratings. «Moody's Investors Service» and «Fitch Rating» strengthened the position of the holding from the Netherlands Metinvest B. VI. Now the levels of the company «is projected to be stable» and «stable» in accordance with companies and agencies for ratings.

After a not so long ago ended the restructuring of the debts and liabilities of the group companies, this assessment is very important. It confirms that the liquidity of all Metinvest enterprises in the market actively and steadily increases. Such comments gave one of the leaders of Metinvest group Yuriy R. the Work of men focused on issues of external debt.

Agency Moody’s increased Predpriyatiye ratings by one notch from the previous, to the level of «consistently predictable». According to representatives of the Agency, the rating company limited by country ceiling in Ukraine. He is such a high level for companies with debts in the national currency of the country. The company calculated that if I had not encountered such significant restrictions, a rating would be much higher. Ratings of Metinvest, which could increase to seven levels than they are now, that is Ba1.

Fitch has increased the long-term default ratings provider is not in UAH. Where his level was At «stable» level of RD. This is one position exceeds the ceiling indicators of Ukraine. In the country it is at a stable level In-. The rankings provide the first bonds also increased. On the basis of its level — that in fact there is a very good indicator.

Metinvest group is a multinational steel company with vertical integration. It Netinvestment twenty-four enterprises in Ukraine, the EU and the USA. There are raw material extraction, steel production and rentals. Responsible for the group’s assets of enterprises is their management company. It is the limited liability company «Metinvest holding» supervises the processes.

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