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It is expected to increase interest in the BSH pipe will grow

23 April 2017

TMK is one of the largest pipe manufacturers in the world. In 2017 it is expected a high level of demand on the BNT. However, be bought in tubes having a large diameter will remain at a low level. Also will increase interest for industrial pipes in the Russian markets.

For the first three months of the current year, TMK sold eight hundred and fifty thousand tons of steel pipes. This is 3.5 percent less than at the end of last 2016. However, this was 0.6% greater than in the same period last year. A slight decrease in comparison with the last quarter of last year had their reasons. The main one is the demand for welded pipe.

Dimensions of seamless pipe sales last quarter equal to 658 tons. Comparing with the last quarter of 16 the year grew by 4% compared to the same period last year to 16.7%. This is due to the strong interest of oil and gas companies.

Sales of welded pipe fell by twenty-three per cent comparing with the last quarter of ' 16. And 32 percent compared to the same period last year decreased, which was 192 000 tonnes.

Sales volume of pipes of petroleum assortment to become the best-selling products of TMK. In the opening quarter of this year, sales rose by 11.6% and became the $ 426,000 tons. And exceeded sales by 36 percent compared with the same period last year.

The use of pipes of oil assortment in North America increase. The volume of storage had returned to pre-crisis size. TMK staffing crisis are slowly increasing the price of procurement. As clients increased the scope of planning. Due to this, the oil companies expected future increase in shipments.

The increase in shipment volumes of high quality products to America is causing changes. Recovered pipe market in the United States. Increased shipment of high-quality threaded connections to seven and a half percent. In comparison with the previous quarter grew by 187 000 pieces. At the same time, growth in relation to the same period last year shows more than 80 percent.

TMK is expected a considerable improvement in economic indicators from North America in the coming quarters. However, a prerequisite is the lack of a strong jump in steel prices.

In Europe, has quickened the market, so the company is expecting the increase in purchases of seamless pipes. At the same time they gradually increase the price of their goods in the current quarter.

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