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ArcelorMittal is the magnitude of the risks from the ongoing blockade ARDILA

19 March 2017

Giant industry — Arselormittaltemirtau — will encounter interruptions in the supply of foreign raw materials. The reason for this long blockade of the railway ligaments in the East of Ukraine.

The company worried about possible not the most optimistic consequences. At the end of last week, the press service of the enterprise stated concern about lock-in.

Blocking coal supplies from the occupied parts of Ukrainian territory some danger to the stability of the metallurgical complex. The impossibility of transporting the raw material through the occupied Donbass threatens the stability in power supply capacity. In addition, limited raw material supply, which is necessary for the continuous operation of the industrial complex.

A few years ago, Arcelor had the need to use it wasawasa materials. However, the company now recognizes that there are high risks of imported supplies for the job.

In ArcelorMittal has already passed the stage of clarification of the recommendations for reducing electricity use. Also finished the planning crisis in conditions of state of emergency in the energy sector. Unit maintenance of working premises are in absolute readiness for action. Everything is prepared in case of rolling constraints of electricity from neighboring areas.

Also, the company said that such need is not the best way affect the operation of production machines. Undermine the overall stability of the industrial complex.

At this time, all units and structures ArcelorMittal working in standard mode. But one of the results of blocking can be the decrease in production capacity. Now manufacturing is suffering a shortage of coal several brands. They — the main raw material of metallurgy and agglomeration. The company is seriously worried about the risks for future supply.

In Ukraine Arselormittaltemirtau is the largest exporter of the metal. In the industrial complex promised to take all possible precautions. There promise to avoid disruptions in production operations. Also maintained strict control over contracts and commitments on export activities.

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