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Thai authorities intend to impose anti-dumping measures against Vietnam

19 January 2017

In September last year, Thai authorities have initiated an investigation into unfair trade with Vietnam. A Thai company NS BlueScope Company in 2015, filed a complaint for imported painted the car.

Recently, the Thai Ministry of Commerce released the first data on anti-dumping investigation. According to the trade Department, today the margin for Vietnamese products ranging from 4.61% to 60,26%. In the future, this is likely to lead to the establishment of appropriate fees.

The Vietnamese side may present evidence of his innocence until the sixth of January next year. Since it is already the sixteenth of January will be held the hearing on the fact of unfair trade on the part of Vietnam.

Earlier, the Vietnamese manufacturers painted steel received a warning from the local steel Association. Suppliers are recommended to control the prices of goods, and limit supply in some Asian countries. The implementation of these recommendations was to protect producers from anti-dumping investigations.

According to statistics, in the first half against Vietnamese steelmakers were hung with twenty-five investigations. Eighteen of the anti-dumping investigations were initiated by the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The greatest number of complaints about unfair trade were received from the Malaysian and Thai companies.

According to forecasts of world analysts, the next year should be marked by the growth of metallurgical production for Vietnam. Presumably, that next year will be performed at ten to twelve percent of production. The digital equivalent of growth of manufacturing production will amount to eighteen million tons. Therefore, many experts have expressed concern over the excess capacity. Because plants do not receive one hundred percent load. And sooner or later it will lead to a number of problems. Including a lower cost steel products. The government deliberately in the near future to modernize enterprises. This can reduce the share of imports. If the changes are not carried out — by 2020, the number of imports will reach fifteen billion tons.

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