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25 January 2017

Abdeslam bouchareb the Minister of industry and mines of Algeria recently spoke at the official press conference. The Minister said that by early next year, the country will move to self-sufficiency products. In particular, they talked about the production of rebar, sufficient for the needs of the country. The expectations of the government project supported by the metallurgical complex of Bellara Steel. It should be operational in the third quarter of 2018.

Start of construction of the Bellara Steel was laid in the beginning of 2015. The project is part of the affiliate program Qatar and Algeria. Forty-nine percent of the shares of the metallurgical complex owned by Qatar Steel International. The remaining share (fifty one percent) is in the hands of Sider Co. & National Investment Fund — Algerian state-owned enterprises.

After the launch the metallurgical complex, its capacity will be two million tons of steel per year. However, in the future it is planned to expand production to four million tons of steel annually.

In recent years, there has been the interest of the authorities of the country to industrial development. In particular, the Algerian government is engaged in the development of the non-oil sector of the country. Thus, it is expected to reduce the dependence of production from oil and gas.

Today, Algeria is implementing a number of metallurgical and other projects. Their task is to be able to replace imported products by local products. Officials hope to smooth the imbalance between imports and Algerian products. From the optimization of the foreign trade balance, will benefit, first and foremost, the economy.

Algeria has traditionally been a major importer of raw materials for metallurgy and steel. A major supplier of products into the country is the European Union. This is due to the Association between the EU and Algeria. The record of imports from Europe was delivered in 2014. Then, Algeria has purchased five million tons of steel. While the share of rebar out of the total number amounted to three million tons.

For eleven months of last year from the EU in Algeria has put 3.23 million tons of steel. In this case, reinforcement was 2.5 million tons.

The decline in imports is due to the introduction of quotas for imported products. However, in the end, significantly reduce the import still failed.

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