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Ukrainian Interpipe transfers of shares of PJSC "Nikopol South-pipe plant" (NPTS) three your Cyprus company

29 November 2016

Cypriot subsidiary branch of the company «Interchip» bought 19.3% of PJSC «Nikopol South-pipe plant». The shares were purchased from OOO «Transportno-investment technologies».

According to the released information, it became known that the «Transport-investment technologies» has reduced its share of its core capital. Previously, it was 97 per cent, today the company’s share is 39 percent. Also decreased and the size of the share of the shareholder, now it is 40 percent vs the 99 percent. Simultaneously, significantly increased the company’s share Plamsted Limited. So, if the percentage of shares was 0,000027% — now he rose to by 19,33%. The size of the shares voting, respectively, also rose from 0,000028% to 20%.

The share of another company — Wolbert Company Limited also increased. If earlier it was 0 percent, now the figure has risen to 19.33 percent. Speaking about the part of shareholders is 19.99 percent versus zero. Kamset Holdings Limited — another digging significantly increased its stake in the company. Today it is 19.99 percent.

The above Cretan company in the spring have announced the intention to acquire the shares of the Nikopol plant. Initially it was assumed that each company will acquire a 19.3 per cent stake. A little later, Seychelles company — Kintero Limited and Belismo Limited, also expressed a desire to buy shares. The company, similar to the Cretan, had intended to buy at 19.3% of papers.

PJSC «Nikopol South-pipe plant» was restructured in 2000. Before that, the company specialized in the production, exploration, tubing and rolled tubes for high-pressure boilers. Today, the plant does not produce any output. This is due to the fact that all facilities of PJSC made in authorized capitals of other enterprises.

«Interchip» bought 96.6 percent of the shares of another 2007. Then, the purchase cost the company forty thousand dollars. «Transport investment technologies» is the owner of the shares of the Nikopol plant. The authorized capital of the southern pipe plant is 364,751 million. It is divided into 376,032 million shares, price each 0.97 USD.

In our days the main activity of PJSC «Nikopol South-pipe plant» is the leasing of the premises.

The management of «Intertie» has not commented on the purchase. And about the future plans of the company hard to judge.

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