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Kola MMC conducts regular upgrades

17 October 2016

Kola company, part of the Norilsk Nickel began upgrading the refining plant. In accordance with the plan will be the construction of the next process stages. It provides for the cleansing of the dust of the shop from lead. This upgrade represents a section of a large-scale program. It aims at introducing more efficient and less costly technology. Means electric extraction of Nickel, the full cost of the project will amount to RUB 18 billion. The project implementation will allow to reduce influence on the surrounding world. Also will be reduced operating expenses, improved the quality of manufactured products. The modernization is part of a new strategy of Norilsk Nickel. Reconfiguration of the production process will make the Kola mining and metallurgical company’s refining center.

Electric extraction of Nickel and lead from the production chains of the Kola company anodic arc furnace. Removing the redistribution of MMC will change the distribution pattern of lead traces. Their presence in the metal reduces the quality of the products. Today, the lead is removed from the circuit through a process of electro-smelting. After the introduction of the new project will be an elimination of this channel. It is necessary to prevent the accumulation of lead in the processing chain. The solution lies in removing dust from the fluidized bed. In order to be able to clean dust from lead impurities, the company purchased special equipment. It is based on the technologies of water leaching. It is planned to install equipment in the refining shop in the area of the dust. Now in office carried out the dismantling srabotavshih of electrostatic precipitators. Reducing the amount of lead entering the shop of electrolysis of the Nickel raw material will allow to obtain electrolytic Nickel higher grade.

Meanwhile, Norilsk Nickel signed an agreement on a syndicated loan. He has the appearance of a approved standby revolving line of credit. Its size is 500 million USD. period of validity — five years. The organizers of the transaction by the international banks. The list included UniCredit Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Commerzbank, Mizuho Bank, HSBC Bank. UniCredit Bank’s London branch is appointed as the agent of the line. The new line is another step to change the confirmed loans in the Russian, Asian, Western Finance market.

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