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Uralelectromed is building the site on development of antimony-tin concentrate

19 September 2016

The company Uralelectromed is a part of metallurgical complex of UMMC. Chemical-metallurgical plant of Uralelektromed will produce antimony and tin concentrate. Began construction of the production area. Developed technological processes will produce yearly around 40 tons. The cost of the project amounts to 60 million RUB. Its main purpose is to increase the volume of the extracted precious metals. To do this, when carrying out technological processes require the removal of tin, antimony.

Your explanations gave Timur Gibadullin, head of chemical-metallurgical production. Uralelectromed gets kletocnae silver, gold, tellurium, selenium from electrolytic copper slimes. The presence of tin and antimony essentially complicates carrying out of processes. But the withdrawal of these components in a separate product will provide reduction in the load on the equipment. Plus, it will be possible to extract a certain percentage of precious metals. Were carried out preliminary calculations. According to them, the new technology will provide additional production of gold to the level of 60 kg/year. The production of silver is over 1.8 tons.

The staff of the research centre and specialists of management of design works Uralelectromed has developed the technological regulations. In the production chain will be involved in foreign and domestic advanced equipment. The technological process requires the use of a reactor for leaching, filter presses, suction filters. Will also be involved receivers of the vacuum system, pump, tank equipment, baths for electrolysis. The process involves the use of scrubber used for gas cleaning. Basic operations of the technological process will be carried out in automatic mode. To date, training foundations, which will install process equipment. The commissioning is scheduled for December 2016.

Meanwhile, there have been increased supplies of tin from Myanmar. The situation has changed due to the increase in volumes of extraction of tin raw materials. We are talking about the WA region near the border with China. Their data provided the International Tin Research Institute. In recent years, the mining of tin in this district increased more than ten times. For today Myanmar provides China the demand for tin by about 30%. Share in global supply is 10%.

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