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The demand for stainless steel increases

21 September 2016

The Agency OrbisResearch released a forecast of the global market for stainless steel in the medium term. In accordance with this, it is expected that by 2024, the figure is expected to reach 127,19 billion USD. It is assumed that increase in consumption of corrosion-resistant grades of steel products. Demand will increase in many industrial sectors. The list includes automotive, construction, household appliances, electrical equipment, equipment manufacturing and other sectors. Markets steel believe that infrastructure a lot of potential. It is expected that in the near future will prevail urbanization, increasing investment in the construction sector, the growth of living standards. In recent years, the infrastructure and construction sector increased its consumption of rolled steel products. Now its share is about 8% of the total market volume.

It is noted an impressive increase in demand for stainless steel products from the petrochemical industry, and related sectors. Presumably the increase in energy consumption on a global scale will increase and oil production. Its increase will in turn increase the consumption of stainless steel. The list of products made from these alloys include pressure valves, vessels, tankers, heat exchangers. Also included are the piping and the cracking furnace. Alloys are used for manufacture of subsea systems and offshore platforms, tankers delivering liquefied natural gas.

Increase the consumption of stainless steel in automobile sector. In this industry these have become necessary for the production of bodies and doors, engines and exhaust systems. Also produce silencers and other elements. Last year in the list of leading manufacturers of stainless steel included POSCO, Aperam, Baosteel, Outokumpu, Acerinox.

Meanwhile, the US continues anti-dumping investigation against Chinese companies producing stainless steel. The Department of Commerce recently found evidence of dumping sheet of stainless steel from China. Margin was of 63.86−76,64%. In July 2016, the Ministry was defined by the presence of state subsidies supplies. The size of the illegal subsidies amounted to 57,3−193,12%. In November 2016 it is expected the final outcome. The investigation against the imported volumes of Chinese steel was launched in March 2016.

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