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Copper production master new horizons

1 August 2016

The Uralkhimmash plant began to manufacture three-layer bimetallic sheet. They are based on titanium and copper. To date, the plant made a shipment of 181 of the sheet. The rest of the papers is planned to ship in the near future. Bimetallic products you plan to use as a template for the production of current leads. They are used in steel sector. The dimensions of a single-layer sheet are 400x1400 mm. Weight of each sheet reaches 61 kg overall mass delivery is 19.1 tons.

Three-layer bimetal production was produced when using explosion welding. The technology today has no alternative. Other ways to produce such a composition quite difficult. Explosion welding was first introduced at the factory in 1971. The method allows for cladding of large pipe grids. They were parts of machines production of ethylene oxide. The diameter of the gratings was up to 4 meters. The mass of the gratings was 40 tons. After that, the plant has established a laboratory pulse treatment of metals.

Now about the Copper plant is part of the polar division of «Norilsk Nickel». The company started the repair of the chimney No. 1. Renovations of the primary smelting unit. We are talking about the Vanyukov furnace No. 2. Repair work will last for ten days. Repairs scheduled in the process chain. Provides an audit path download ovens — conveyors, feeders, hopper of the economy. The revision will affect the gazoochistnoe equipment. This includes a flue whose diameter is 1400 mm, the drift eliminators, block Venturi tubes. The procedure will also affect the cooling system keshirovaniya furnace elements and exhaust gases. The furnace will replace about 65 caissons of copper, 70 gissaneh copper pipes. Replace about 200 tons of refractory masonry, about 20 tons of metal structures. Under repair work will be 4 km of the pipeline, the pipe diameter is different.

At the Talnakh enrichment facility at work will be introduced three mills fine grinding. For the Russian factories this equipment is unique. The dimensions of each unit are the length of 6.92 meters, a width of 6.36 metres, the height of 17,59 metres. The mass mill is 343 tons. Its capacity is 800 tons/hour.

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