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Indian manufacturers are asked to defer quality control stainless steel

4 August 2016

Indian Association appealed to Narendra modi, Prime Minister of the country, and Chaudhary Birendra Singh. He is the Minister of steel of India. The demand, voiced by the representatives of the Associations for quality control of imported special and stainless steels. Manufacturers are asked to postpone the procedure, the introduction of which is scheduled for October 2016. Industry representatives talking about the creation of the working group. Its function will include discussion of issues affecting the import of stainless steels. Also will be considered a foreign import of special steels.

National producers and traders speak of the improbability that the government would set the standards of control. It is assumed that the authorities do not go on about the metallurgical sector. After the adoption of these measures can stop many businesses. Forced closes, who produce kitchenware, tableware, appliances. While many people remain without jobs and without means of livelihood.

Manoj, Kunonga, who is the head MSSMA stated the need for dialogue. The Ministry of steel has to listen to domestic producers and Associations of stainless steel. It is necessary to determine the volume of production. Also important is the opinion of the manufacturers regarding decisions about imposing restrictions on the import of stainless steel and special steel.

The construction industry of the country intends to increase the use of structural steel. Thus will be speeded up construction and lowered costs. We are talking about the construction of residential, commercial complexes. This was reported by Business Excellence & Research Group. The company is a leading architectural and engineering organization of India. An opinion was expressed by Director of the company, Jacob Jose. The construction sector should evaluate the possibilities of transition to a unified, in advance of designed steel structures. This will help to increase the pace of construction processes. Change the usual method of construction of buildings can significantly save time. Involved in steel construction will allow you to quickly complete the construction projects, which today takes several years.

It was noted that the company has developed new pre-engineered steel structure. She is ready to begin the large-scale implementation structures. Development company focused not only on reducing time and costs. With their help, will be saved of the cultural heritage of the country.

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