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Duties on Russian cold-rolled steel set

25 July 2016

The us Department of Commerce made final countervailing and anti-dumping duties. They affect the Russian cold-rolled steel. Also duties imposed on Brazilian, British, South Korean and Indian similar products. Before this duty was imposed on Chinese and Japanese cold-rolled steel.

The size of the anti-dumping tax on manufacturers of Russia reaches of 13.36%. Countervailing duty amount of 6.95%. Together, the rate came to the level of 20,31%. For Russian companies the duties assigned to the same level. Brazilian products imposed the duty on of 14.35 to 35.43%. The level of countervailing duties falls within the limit of 11.09-of 11.31%. Producers the UK has imposed some anti-dumping duties at the level of 5.40−25,56%. Indian suppliers accused of countervailing duty at 10%, anti-dumping is 7.6%. South Korean products subject to anti-dumping taxes in sizes 6,32−34,33%. The level of compensation rates is 3.91−58,36%.

The investigation in respect of production of these countries was launched in July last year. Initiated his complaint of American companies Steel Dynamics, ArcelorMittal USA, AK Steel, United States Steel Corp., Nucor. The head of the Union USA Leo Gerard is happy with the introduction of fees. However, he argues that these measures are not enough. Duty is not affected by Vietnam. To thank for it follows the TRANS-Pacific partnership. Vietnamese rolled steel cold-rolled products, meanwhile, is actively fills the US market. Extension is observed in the metallurgical and rolling Vietnamese capacity with government support.

As shown by American statistics, in may supplies of Russian steel products took fourth place. Forward broke Canada, Korea, Brazil. The Russian manufacturers have put on the U.S. market 271,9 thousand tons of steel. This figure is equal to aggregate supply in January-April 2016. For the five month period, Russian exports reached 595000 tons. Compared to the same period of 2015, the figure is lower by 21.6%. Finished products account for 82% of total Russian steel production. Russian steelmakers are set in the U.S. of 20,000 tons of rebar, 40,000 tons of wire rod. In smaller quantities were supplied galvanized steel, pipes, structural shapes.

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