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Another anti-dumping investigation initiated by Brazil

26 July 2016

The Department of foreign trade of Brazil initiated a new antidumping investigation. It will affect the Chinese and Russian producers of hot-rolled rolled sheets. The main object of investigations — alloy and carbon steel products. Thickness to 4.75 mm, width 600 mm. the Lawsuit was filed by national manufacturers. This company Gerdau Acominas CSN, ArcelorMittal Brazil.

The investigation will consider the volume of deliveries of these products. The analysis is carried out for the year 2013−2015. Brazilian steelmakers account for the statistics. In accordance with it in 2015, the share of China accounted for about 40% of national imports. The share of Russian hot-rolled steel accounted for approximately 13%. Since the beginning of this month, the investigation second.

Earlier it was initiated the process on imported Chinese steel wire. The object of investigation was high-strength wire. It is made of high carbon steel. The surface of the wire is serrated or smooth. Products are used most often in the engineering sector. The investigation started after a complaint from the company Belgo Bekaert. The company is a joint venture between N. V. Bekaert and ArcelorMittal. According to the company, the real export value of the products should be 1070,49 USD/ton. Chinese suppliers implemented products at 623,65 USD/ton in average. As a result, a dumping margin of 446,84 USD/ton. Considered to be full in 2015.

Chinese Ministry of Commerce calls for Brazil to objective investigation. Required to abide by the rules of the WTO. We are talking about real data on the PRC when evaluating the cost of production. The data are unlikely «by analogy» answer a fair investigation. For Russian companies-producers of hot-rolled products investigation is also the second in July. In the early months of the investigation against Russian suppliers initiated by the European Union.

Anti-dumping investigation is not the only process related to foreign companies. In the beginning of the month, the Corporation BHP Billiton announced that it intends to appeal the court decision. The country’s Supreme court earlier approved the payment in a civil lawsuit. BHP Billiton and Brazilian company Vale has to pay of 6.23 billion USD. The action relates to the disaster on the company Samarco. It happened in early November 2015.

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