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Novolipetsk rewards employees for the holiday

17 July 2016

Novolipetsk steel for the coming Day of the Metallurgist coincided with rewarding of the best employees. Rewards that encourage high performance, will have about 700 employees of the plant. All the staff designed a one-time monetary award. The best workers will be encouraged to state, sectoral, regional, municipal, and corporate awards.

The award is rightly deserved, as reported by Sergey Filatov, managing Director of the Group. 2015, for the mill has been a period of absolute record levels. The company produced 12.8 million tons of iron. Was smelted almost 12.9 million tons of steel. Sheet production showed the result of 5.7 million tons. In 2016, the team NLMK does not reduce the rate. For the first half was produced more than 6.4 million tons of iron. The volume of crude steel reaches about 6.5 million tons. Rolled sheet was produced about 3 million tons. The quality of the products is constantly increasing. One of the tasks of the plant maintaining and strengthening a dominant position among world producers.

28 employees will be awarded state awards. For significant personal contribution to industrial development and many years of conscientious work 55 employees will receive Acknowledgements and certificates. 19 people will receive honorary diplomas from the administration of the Lipetsk region. Vyacheslav Vorotnikov, Director of planning and organization will receive a merit badge. The same award was given to Andrey Yaroshenko, Director of steelmaking. 12 employees of the Group will receive awards from the administration of Lipetsk. This honorary certificates and badges. The change will affect the honor roll. It appears the Mikhail Terekhov. It is the heat treater of rolled products and pipes PTS.

Presentation of awards will be made on the eve of the holiday. Place of delivery — the State academic drama theatre. Leo Tolstoy. There will be held a solemn meeting. Also the awards will hold on the ground in subdivisions. After the official events at the theatre will be staged for the residents of the city.

Specially by day of the Metallurgist made the medals «For merits before Fatherland». Will be awarded the title «Honored Metallurgist of Russian Federation», «Honored chemist of the Russian Federation», «Honored power engineer of Russian Federation» and others.

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