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EC starts anti-dumping investigation against Russian producers

13 July 2016

Launched another anti-dumping investigation launched by the European Commission. It will affect suppliers of alloy and carbon hot-rolled flat steel. Under trial got the Russian, Iranian, Brazilian, Serbian and Ukrainian companies. The complaint was filed with the regional metallurgical Association Eurofer. The Association represents the interests of European manufacturers producing this products. The claim was sent to the EC in may 2016. The investigation concerns the period from the start of mul, 2015 and end June 2016.

In accordance with the data of Eurofer, in 2015 the volume of European imports of rolled products exceeded 7.55 million tons. In 2014, this figure amounted to 4.93 million tons. In January-April 2016 the volume of imports exceeded 2.8 million tons. The average score of 11.4% exceeded the annual totals for 2015. The Association claims that the defendants of the country in January-April accounted for about 55% of the supply of rolled products. The share of Russian steelmakers amounted to about 19%. In numerical terms the supply from Russia is slightly below 540000 tons. In February 2016, the EC launched an investigation against suppliers of Chinese hot-rolled steel. In January-April, China has put on the European market more than 620000 tons.

The number of deliveries from the Russian Federation are not too surprising. The European Union for the Russian metallurgists is one of the main markets. In January-April, the EU had about 25% of Russian supplies. However, anti-dumping investigation where a painful blow for Serbian steel mill Zelezara Smederevo. In early July, he officially became the property of Hebei Iron & Steel. For the works that the EU is the main destination of sales. The European market comes about 80−90% of the production. In four months the volume supplied in the EU, the Serbian rolled was about 85000 tons.

The Indian government also watches over the interests of the Russian metallurgists. India started anti-dumping investigation concerning alloyed and carbon steel with a coating of polymers. Suppliers in respect of whom the investigation is being conducted are steelmakers of China and the EU. Initiated the process of company JSW Steel Coated Products, Essar Steel India.

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