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The Day Of Constitution Of Ukraine 2016

27 June 2016

Every country, every nation has its national holidays, and Ukraine is no exception. Every year there are some anniversaries — milestones that allow to feel pride for their own country. End of June is a special period on the 28th of this month, the citizens of Ukraine celebrated Constitution Day, which is one of the most honorable places in the list of public celebrations. Exactly twenty years ago, in 1996, the Parliament of the country adopted the Constitution, the Ukrainian draft law confirming independence and sovereignty.

The Constitution is essential for any country that aspires to the status of civilized. If this is not enough to adopt the Constitution, they must be real action. Only under such conditions the state will prosper and be able to take care of its own citizens. Today, 28 June 2016, Ukraine celebrates the regulation of basic state principles, social values, political and economic laws.

In developing the draft Constitution, the government considered national symbols, national language, the rights of citizens of Ukraine. Established in 1996, the Constitution declared the country a sovereign independent state whose head is the President. And he is the guarantor of full compliance with constitutional provisions. But the highest social value of any state is its people, their lives and health, their dignity and honor. It is not surprising that the adoption of such a law — an official holiday.

Development of Ukraine is never easy. The history of the country since ancient times many civil wars, not allowing to achieve integrity and cohesion. So today for our state stability and uniform approach to the management of the country is of paramount importance. Today every citizen of Ukraine perceive this date as a national holiday. Perhaps this attitude is justified not complete the work of the constitutional norms. However, each of us hopes that the day will come when all of the Declaration will become a reality. On this day every citizen of Ukraine will feel full freedom and security, will be able to safely look ahead and be proud of the democracy of their country. Today we congratulate all citizens of Ukraine Constitution Day!

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