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Uralelectromed continued construction of the second stage of CSE

5 May 2016

Enterprise Uralelectromed refers to UMMC metallurgical complex. Today the company continues to build II CSE queue — copper electrolysis shop. Held assembly process cranes in the amount of two pieces. Appointment taps — cassette loading and unloading of the electrodes produced entirely in the electrolysis bath. The performance and specifications of the new equipment are far superior options analogues. crane capacity of 28 tons. Hydraulic clamp produces moving, loading and unloading of the electrodes 63 for 4.5 minutes. Their weight in this case is 24.5 tons. Over 60 minutes of action valve moves more than 800 electrodes. This figure exceeds the performance of the old bridge crane three times. This information has provided the deputy head of the technical department of the enterprise Mark Shuklin.

To date, completed the mechanical installation of the equipment phase. Installed additional lift. Mounted walling and bridges formed by the end and longitudinal beams. The length of the longitudinal beams of the order of 34 meters each. Weight about 20 tons. The height of the installation is 11 meters. To move the beams used trawl stacker. truck design is unusual, there are 4 wheels on each side. Hence the name of art — rover. Laden truck is perfectly adapted to overcome the steps, curbs and other obstacles. To lift the beams used crane, load capacity which was 80 tons. Specialists are busy installing electrical equipment. It also involves the mounting and adjustment of control systems, power engineering. In accordance with the work plan should be completed by May 2016. After stage valves serve for the installation of basic equipment. With their help, will install 448 of polymer electrolysis baths.

Construction II copper electrolysis shop queue started in July 2014. Its operation will be conducted with the use of technology baseless. When producing cathodes to be used, made ​​of stainless steel. Earlier we used copper base. Commissioning of the second stage will allow to increase the production of copper cathode. The annual production volume amounted to 320,000 tons. This year Uralelectromed plans to invest 1.6 billion project. RUB. The whole project will cost 4.6 bln. RUB.

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