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On May 9 celebrations

8 May 2016

Remember, trust, thank you — I want to say the words May 9, looking in the eyes of those who lived through the events of the Great Patriotic War. This festival is truly great, among the many other celebrations and anniversaries, he occupies a central place. This is not surprising, because in his time that day changed the history of the world. After all, if not a feat of the Soviet people waged bloody war Nazi Germany could have ended very differently.

The bloody massacre lasted 1418 days of endless, instilling fear into the hearts and souls of men. But in the hopeless despair, there is always a hope. It helps to survive and withstand the most severe tests. And is it any wonder that the first momentous celebration of Victory Day was so powerful and ambitious? Many people in the day when Soviet troops entered Berlin and hoisted the red flag over the Reichstag, experienced an incredible joy. We, their descendants, it is difficult to understand the feelings of the heart. Although the reason we are aware, what a relief must undergo a survivor like and realize that this was the end — happy.

People took to the streets, singing and dancing, laughing and crying. Complete strangers, they hugged each other, becoming at that instant family. Half the world was in ruins, the upcoming heavy weekdays, it was necessary to restore so much… and yet people felt an incredible surge of enthusiasm. The future simply obliged to be bright and beautiful! This was stated by a ceremonial parade on Red Square. This was evidenced by a solemn volley guns. It argued dropped in front of the Mausoleum standards of defeated enemies.

But then, the strangeness — people will never forget this date. However, the government only three years after the war, on the celebration of such an important day forgotten. Holiday, loved by all, has been officially canceled. The tradition was revived only after 20 years, in 1965. After a long hiatus, laying flowers at the monument to fallen heroes, held a parade and fireworks, veterans were awarded orders and medals.

Today, May 9 celebration is held not on such a scale as before. Gradually leave those who have seen with their own eyes those distant events and survived them. Perhaps, it is just another day off for many this date. Yet it would be desirable to entrust that even after many years will remain those who do not forget about the heroism of the Soviet people. On May 9 holiday, dear veterans!

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