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SSAB is promoting a new steel

18 April 2016

The company SSAB focused on promoting new high-strength steel. It is believed that Hardox is one of the best materials on a global scale. The new brand Hardox HiTemp has a high resistance to high temperatures. Popularity Hardox steels unabated for more than 40 years. Steel enables increased productivity. Also striking and considerable service life of the product in contact with abrasive substances. For decades, the company has perfected Hardox steel. The main objective of the company — to improve the viscosity of the material and its hardness.

However, there are difficulties and best developers. With respect to steel Hardox there was a definite problem. It affects the wear material at a temperature range of 300−500 0 C. The hardness of conventional wear-resistant steels decreases at a significant temperatures. The company offered in such cases to the use of steel Toolox. In this material have a high resistance to wear. Also, the steel retains its shape and hardness at high temperatures. If we consider the specifications, Toolox steel can be called almost perfect. However, the main area of ​​its application — the production of wear-resistant tools. Typically, they are used when working with molten glass, brass or aluminum.

New steel from SSAB has better heat-resistant characteristics of the brand Toolox. Hardox HiTemp may be ordered from September this year. In the production of Hardox HiTemp use high quality raw materials. The new steel is produced in sheets. Their thickness is 15−30 mm. Hardox HiTemp subjected to cutting, welding, machining. This uses the same techniques and equipment as with conventional steels.

Do not forget to SSAB and promoting steel Strenx 700 MC Plus. This product enables the rapid development of high technology. Basically, steel is used for the transport of production of agricultural machinery, lifting gear. Strenx 700 MC Plus is a high-strength steel. However, it is well handled, surpassing these two indicators other products. Deliveries of the material produced in the form of sheet and tubular steel. Properties of steel allow for a substitution of materials with limit strength of 350 MPa.

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