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India has launched another investigation against Chinese products

17 April 2016

The Indian government launches antisubsidionnoe investigation. He was subjected to hot-rolled and cold-rolled suppliers of stainless steel from China. The investigation will affect quite a layer of products. The list includes all brands of roll, sheet and other stainless steel of any width. The thickness of the hot-rolled products which have got the list of 1,2−10,5 mm. The thickness of the hot-rolled sheet of stainless steel 3−105 mm. The thickness of the cold-rolled product, entered in the «black list» of up to 6.75 mm. The list does not include only one type of steel. It refers to material which produce razor blade. The investigation was initiated at the suit manufacturers Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Limited and Jindal Stainless Limited. Representatives of the companies argue that the supply of Chinese products cause injury to domestic producers. The cost of stainless steel is too low, given the illegal export subsidy by the state.

Association for the development of stainless steel India expects growth in production. Over the next five years will increase the annual volume of more than 400,000 tons. Presumably in 2020 the volume of production will amount to 5.2 mln. Tons. In 2015 it amounted to 3.1 mln. Tons. However, to produce the planned amount, necessary to protect the domestic market. To date, anti-dumping duty imposed on imported Chinese HRC products. An investigation concerning the evasion of payment of anti-dumping tax on cold rolled stainless steel. However, these products were subject until the countervailing duties.

Six weeks is the second investigation involves a fairly wide assortment of stainless steel PRC. In March this year, the United States also began consideration of anti-dumping action. The list includes almost all imported from China stainless steel sheet. In accordance with the decision of ITC Chinese supply of stainless steel plate and sheet are dangerous. Products detriment of domestic industry in connection with the dumping prices. Also taken into account, and illegal state subsidies. The result will be the continuation of the investigation into imports of Chinese products. It is expected that the preliminary countervailing duties will be installed on 9 May. Anti-dumping duties will be assigned to 21 July this year.

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