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Problems at the Serov mine gradually find a solution

11 April 2016

On Serov mine in the Sverdlovsk region there was not so good lately. However, the situation is gradually improving. Serov mine works closely with the «Ufaleynickel», «Rezhnikel», providing them with ore. These enterprises employ a method of mining smelting. When using this technology produces granulated nickel.

Operation Serov nickel deposit oxidized raw materials began in 1985. The mine provided qualitative indicators of mined ore. For this purpose production produced selectively in diverse faces. Taken into account the content of nickel slag-forming components. This quality does not end with the formation. The next step is carried out in the compartments of the ore warehouse. There is performed the accumulation of raw overload wagons.

Recent years have been for Serov mine quite complex in terms of the set of unsolved problems. In particular there was a falling volume of overburden operations. As a result, there was a question the need for the selection of a certain percentage of raw materials from the warehouse. This was done to ensure full enterprise ore. Over the past few years the production service did not provide the planned extraction of raw materials. In early January of this year, stocks have been exhausted in an industrial warehouse. However, even if there is a stock of raw materials remained unsolved problem of providing. It was not possible to provide monthly planned shipment of ore processing enterprises. As a result, at the beginning of 2016 on the stocks of raw materials «Rezhnikel», «Ufaleynickel» is 1−3 days. Another problem was formed in 2015. Then stripping began to hold below the water table. This step was necessary to obtain the ore with a high percentage of nickel. However, such work during the second half of 2015 has not brought results.

At the beginning of 2016 representatives of «Rusnikelya», «Ufaleynickel» Serov mine developed a new program. The complex action suggested a way out of a difficult situation. The changes affected human, technical, structural sector. Also motivational activities have been developed. One of the main objectives — a significant reduction in the cost of producing raw materials. As a result of the implementation of measures designed to mine in March 2016 shows performance above the plan. Today the warehouses are formed new volumes of ore.

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