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Financing Bystrinsky Mining continues

10 April 2016

Financing «Bystrinsky GOK» project will continue, as reported by representatives of the «Norilsk Nickel». Sberbank CIB credit line was approved. It amounted to 800 million. USD. the loan period is eight years. Borrower — part of the «Nornoikelya» Company «Bystrinskoye». BORROWING engaged directly Sberbank CIB. Project financing was carried out in accordance with the examination of the financial and economic data Bystrinsky project. At the same time by the «Norilsk Nickel» there was no guarantee.

Vice-President Sergey Malyshev, the Russian company has commented on the situation. According to him Bystrinsky combine funding for the Russian market is a unique deal. Participation in the project of the Savings Bank makes it even more attractive in the eyes of shareholders. This significant result was obtained thanks to the close cooperation the last few years, «Norilsk Nickel» and Sberbank. Options for project financing were several, but the most attractive offer turned Sberbank CIB. That is why the choice of «Norilsk Nickel» has stopped on it.

Bystrinskoye field is one of the world's largest copper sources. Implementation Bystrinsky project is of great importance not only for the company's business. It has a significant impact on the economy. Mining Construction of this magnitude will ensure the creation of more than 3,000 operating points. In addition, the project will ensure the further development of the region. By the way, the lenders quite trust «Norilsk Nickel». This is evidenced by the transaction, «Norilsk Nickel» in relation to funding. Production assets attract attention and lenders, and investors. At the same time they are not deterred even the price volatility of the metal sector. At the end of last year, «Norilsk Nickel» announced the confirmation of legal agreements with the Highland Fund. Chinese investment fund intends to buy 13.33% stake Bystrinsky project. This share will cost 100 million. USD. This amount is also planned to invest in the project. An application concerning the approval of the transaction is still pending FAS Russia.

To date, «Norilsk Nickel» is still ignoring the accumulation of palladium fund. According to Vladimir Potanin, the company continues to increase sales of the metal in the global market. This step is necessary to expand the range of consumer.

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