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UGMK continues to invest in Gai GOK

20 March 2016

This year, UMMC plans to increase the level of capital investments in the Gai GOK. Compared with 2015 growth of 58%, reaching about 2.2 billion. RUB. From budget developed more than 50% will be allocated to the development of deep mine horizons. The cost of this project will reach 1.34 billion. RUB. Ai, Deputy Director of Mining for capital construction, Yuri Dolmatov, spoke about the stages of the project. Capital construction will be carried out on all the horizons of the underground mine. Shafts at 830−1290 m almost in its entirety will be subject to change. For each horizon provides individual volume processes. They include tunneling, equipment and fittings. Reconstruction of the affected shafts. construction of a crushing and conveying systems will be produced. And this is only part of the planned work.

«Skip» additional excavation of the mine will be made in 2016. Provided a lift for construction horizons 910−1150 m. The planned modernization of the horizon of 1070 m, which will make the construction of concrete-mortar site. On the horizon 910 m will be erected a repair item. It will also be made to implement a new project. Thanks to him, the dispatcher will be able to track any object in the ground. The amounts of investment in the development of the processing plant, will be about 300 million. RUB. Most of the funds will be spent on modernization of branches. In particular, the improvements will affect flotation and filter-dryer section. Planned purchase of modern filter press, a change of the ventilating equipment.

In the solution of environmental problems is planned to invest more than 100 million. RUB. Modernization will affect the areas where mining is carried copper raw material open way. It is about Dombarovsky, Yasnenskom and Kvarkensky District. Investments will focus on the development of the documentation for the remediation of «Autumn» and «Summer» deposit. It is expected that the gradual development of the embodiment of Mining program will provide new opportunities. In particular, the performance of the mine will increase to 7 million. Tons of ore / year. The production capacity of the processing plant will increase to 10 million. Tons / year. In general, this year Gai GOK allegedly will produce 9.2 million. Ore. This takes into account both open and underground mining.

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