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KUZOTSM summed up 2015

15 March 2016

KUZOTSM — Kamensk-plant processing non-ferrous metals — unveiled last year’s production and economic indicators. The company was able to maintain volumes and products, and its implementation is almost at the level of 2014. The result is all the more worthy that the economic situation is poor. Yes, and the growing recession in a number of sectors makes itself felt. In addition to maintaining the status quo, the company was able to increase its revenue from product sales. The trend was observed against the background of foreign exchange rates of growth.

Overall KUZOTSM produced in 2015, 19 400 tonnes of non-ferrous metal. At the same time in 2014. The production volumes totaled 20.4 thousand tons. Development of copper rolled products reached 4,900 tons. Production of brass rolled products was 9.7 million tons. Bronze rental was made at the level of 1.8 thousand tons. These indicators are lower than the results of the previous year by about 8 or 9%. And at the same percentage of increased income from the sale of these types of rolled products. With respect to rolled copper revenues amounted to 2.2 bln. RUB. According brass rental income reached 2.7 bln. RUB. Proceeds from the sale of rolled bronze reached 842 million. RUB.

For some items, the improvement of the results observed in two directions. Annual production of powders and powders rose to 2.8 million tons. The previous figure was thus 2.5 thousand tons. Revenues from sales of these products amounted to 581 million. RUB. Previous result reached 399 million. RUB. Domestic shipments of products amounted to 14,600 tons in 2015. From the total production accounted for 76%. In Europe, the CIS countries supply volume reached 4800 tons, accounting for 13%. The delivery of the CIS countries was 2.2 million tons — 11%.

At the same time, Igor Mochalin, general director of the plant, said the fall of the volume of production of non-ferrous products. Such difficulties experienced all the Russian sector of non-ferrous metal processing. The unfavorable situation observed since 2012. Even then measure the basic types of rolled products — copper, bronze and brass — amounted to 102 thousand tons / year. Today the figure is 66 thousand tons. However KUZOTSM confident in their own abilities. The enterprise managed to retain most of the foreign and Russian consumers. The share of traders in this case was reduced by 5%. Also, the company is actively seeking new sales outlets.

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