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"Norilsk Nickel" does not offend shareholders

3 January 2016

Alisher Usmanov Forbes said one of Russia's wealthiest businessmen. His fortune Forbes estimated at 14.4 billion. USD. Businessman very happy with the dividends paid to «Norilsk Nickel» to its shareholders. So much so, that reflects an increase in its share in the corporation. To date, Metalloinvest has a 3.2% stake in the nickel company. According to A. Usmanov, does not hurt to increase the share of «Norilsk Nickel». His own package may grow up to 5%. This is not surprising, since the businessman prefers to receive income for stocks. Especially that the control of «Norilsk nickel» is carried out by other companies. For this reason, Alisher Usmanov suggests monitor the company's development. For 9mesyachny period of 2015 «Norilsk Nickel» will give good dividends to shareholders. On one share accounted 321,95 RUB. In general, during these months is expected to pay 50.9 billion. RUB.

As for the plans with respect to A. Usmanov own company, Metalloinvest looking for a partner. It is expected that it will be selected as part of the project Udokansky year and a half. The project focuses on the development of copper deposits. Negotiations on the joint work carried out between Russia and China. Udokan is considered one of the most promising. Vnesheconombank supports this view and confirmed financing for the project. To date, funds have already been allocated and provided to the company. The case for small — to choose the most worthy partner for the proper development of the deposit. Alisher Usmanov hopes that a final decision will be enough 1.5−2 years. It is possible that a partner will become a Russian company.

This takes into account the cost reduction and copper. This situation plays into the hands of Metalloinvest. The company is able to develop the deposit without haste. For the next round, when copper prices go up, the company will be fully prepared. Resources Udokan Transbaikalia exceed 26 mln. Tons of copper. The field is the largest in Russia, the source of the red metal. And on a global scale is one of the most significant undeveloped copper deposits. The license for its development owned by Baikal Mining Company. In turn, the company's shares belong to the Baikal USM Metalloinvest, USM Investments. Also the shareholders are Lebedinsky GOK and Oskol Electric Steel Works.

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