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Happy New Year 2016 !!!

31 December 2015

Before the New Year a few days left. The holiday is already at the door, hung with garlands and tinsel. Already preparing for the solemn event — concerts, fireworks and congratulations. This holiday — for all. For kids, teens and adults. This is a great opportunity to at least temporarily forget about the problems and hope for a better future. This is the assessment of lived years, the revision is already past events and plan of action for the next year.

This year has been difficult for many reasons. If we talk specifically about the steel sector, he watched and temporary ups and downs. It should be noted, and reduced demand for metals and the fall in prices on this background. In 2015, the steel sector is adversely affected and the applicable sanctions, and the weakness of the national currency. Besides, now quite widely used countervailing and anti-dumping duties. Every now and then to investigate the claims of manufacturers.

2016 promises to be magical in terms of the total absence of problems. Experts predict an even greater fall in raw material costs amid rising production. However, the leaders of producers prepared for the continuation of the crisis. There is a stop of uneconomic capacity, expanding markets.

In the non-ferrous metals sector in 2015 proceeded fairly difficult. Dramatically reduced cost base metals. However, in 2016, analysts say demand for copper, zinc and nickel. This is the future favorite sector. However, to make a completely accurate forecast is hardly possible, given the variability of conditions and constant adjustments. However, experts believe in the reduction of production volumes and increase in metal prices.

Let's hope for the best and wait for the arrival of the New Year, solemnly escorted 2015. Congratulations, good health and prosperity!

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