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Gai GOK continues to modernize

20 December 2015

Gai GOK included in the raw complex of UMMC. Currently continues modernization of plant equipment. Recently Gai GOK has a new self-propelled mining equipment. The list includes truck and 2e Scooptrams. Load dump 30 tons, trucks — 14 tons. This is not the first purchase. During 2015, the project has already received mine park 2e new machines. The self-propelled vehicle designed for the underground transport of non-explosive emulsion components of explosives substances. It also can carry and other materials, which is equipped with a specialized cartridges. Self-propelled underground installation produces mechanized charging blast holes with explosives. Work is carried out using a mixing and charging module installed on the machine.

According to Vladimir Kopcheva, chief mine engineer, purchased equipment meets European standards. Taking into account the required safety standards for lifting and self-propelled equipment. The new machine is equipped with a diesel drive. Installed on it telescopic boom lift can provide access to each point of the wells. Nikolai Efimov, chief engineer of the mine, said the modernization of equipment necessary step. It is the guarantor of the required safety and labor conditions improvement. This replacement of equipment will help to realize the required production figures.

In accordance with the work schedule Gai GOK will receive 6.2 mln. Tons of raw materials until this year. This result is higher than 2014 by 225 000 tonnes. Strategic Mining expansion program involves a further increase in the annual production capacity. With the phased implementation of the final annual result of 7.5 million. Tons of ore.

Recently Shakhtostroitel Mining completed construction and tunneling processes in the new underground facilities. Crushing and conveying complex (DCC) and the main conveyor are engaged in ore transportation. Delivery is made to the northern flank of the GOK. DCC includes a crushing plant, auxiliary equipment. Also, it includes a conveyor gallery. Its length reaches 273 meters. The peculiarity of construction of the complex — the difficult geological conditions. For the implementation of the project need to enter the workings of fastening. As used for this purpose in the amount of concrete was about 2000 W m. It is assumed that the cost of construction of a crushing and conveying underground complexes will amount to over 200 million. RUB.

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