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On Mednogorsk mill work began on the modernization

8 November 2015

Mednogorsk copper -serny Works has launched a project for the modernization of the sulfuric acid plant. Modernization involves the payment of investments in the amount of about 1 billion. RUB. To date, the sulfuric acid workshop involved 2e technological systems. Both are aimed at the processing and recycling of waste gases. They formed aggregates during operation and smelters. As a result of the modernization of the first system will be ensured the growth of processing metallurgical gases. Its volume will be 1/3 of the available capacity. It is planned to increase this figure to the level of 150 000 nm, W / hour.

Chief chemist plant, Julia Agarkova, spoke about the benefits of re. After the reconstruction of the volume of product gas from the units will be allocated to the production of sulfuric acid. Recycling involves processing and 16,357 tons of sulfur. It is the product of the main activities of the enterprise. This step will have a positive impact on the environment Mednogorsk. In the state of the plant is good impact and implementation of various technological solutions. They will enable the mill to prepare for the modernization of smelting capacity.

Until the end of 2015 will hold a series of works contractors. installation of foundations will be performed. They further make installation of the main equipment Itehnologicheskoy system. It includes a mono-hydrate absorber; humidifying, drying, wash towers. Also, the equipment includes a contact assembly with anhydride cooling unit. To date, the company received more than 90% of the equipment.

The authorities of the Orenburg region are paying much attention to the improvement of existing production facilities. Also in their focus area includes the construction of new ones. Sorochinskiy oil extraction plant was launched in September 2015. Authorities in the region have assisted in the organization of communications. For the new plant a zero tax rate on the property for 3 years. Another bonus — the company can count on the understated rate on income allocations. It also includes benefits for the payment of land tax and rent.

What to Mednogorsky -sernogo copper plant, it is a part of UMMC. The company is included in Commercial and industrial chamber of the Orenburg region. Until 2010, the ITCs was the only company that can produce germanium concentrate in Russia.

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