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Chimneys of stainless steel

12 October 2015

In today's world without chimneys do is not easy. They create conditions that ensure complete combustion of the fuel cost. Chimney provides natural cravings, preventing premises smoke. Chimney system, optimally constructed, minimizes the occurrence of condensation. This feature significantly reduces soot deposits. Chimneys, made ​​of stainless steel, provide high-quality work diesel, gas, and solid aggregates. The scope of their use — apartments heating systems, homes and businesses. A chimney applied during transport of combustion products and gaseous media. They employ when working kilns, industrial furnaces and ventilation systems.

Parts of the chimney made ​​of AISI316L stainless steel grades; AISI304. According to its hygienic properties are the main brand used in the food industry. From the chimneys of other materials they are distinguished by a number of advantages. It's high resistance to corrosion and acids. The operating temperature without damage to the material can reach 1000 ° C. These chimneys are easy to install. This takes into account the individual architecture of the building. Guaranteed resistance, mechanical strength of the parts and pipes.

For the production of stainless steel is used in thickness 0.6−2.0 mm. This thickness ensures protection of the chimney from the bends, deformation and cracks. Channels oval and circular cross-section are made continuous method of plasma welding. The method provides systems necessary heat resistance, tightness and durability. In the production of double-walled chimney applied thermal barrier coating. To create apply mats of basalt fiber. Its main advantage — flammability.

When the smoke channels 80−1000 mm diameter is provided free removal of products of combustion. Channels oval and circular cross-section adapted to the use in flue mines. Used in existing designs and brick chimneys. They are designed for temperature differences and wind effects. Double-wall chimneys are attached to the facade or to the individual masts.

Modular systems manufactured from stainless steel ensure removal of gas, smoke and other volatile products. Provides a safe operating conditions of the heating, water heating equipment with high efficiency. These systems are ideal for fireplaces, furnaces, heat generators and boilers running on any fuel.

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