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VSMPO-Avisma is set up for the purchase of Australian raw materials

31 August 2015

VSMPO-AVISMA titanium continues to lead the sector. Avisma is the title of the world’s largest manufacturer of titanium alloys. At the same time they pass a full cycle. From the raw material to manufacture products with a high level of machining. Representatives of the press-service corporation reported emerging procurement Australian titaniferous raw materials. The percentage of the purchased goods will be 40%. According to experts, the Australian Avisma titanium raw material content Ukrainian is not inferior. Shipments from Australia and Ukraine is about the same. A further 20% plan to purchase from other suppliers.

Also, representatives of the Russian corporation said on stocks of raw materials at the warehouses of the enterprise. They will do without a supply for six months. Recycling ilmenite produced in Australia, scheduled for August and October this year. Perhaps, then, the Australian raw materials will be supplied in Berezniki. In general, VSMPO-Avisma is necessary for stable operation of the order of 120 000 tonnes of raw material per year.

Australian products with the titanium content for the first time entered into a corporation in July. On board the cargo ship was about 30 000 tons of concentrate. delivery point become Novorossiysk. Most of the party brought prepackaged products 1800 tons. Sending in Berezniki made the Kama and Volga in the ships of «river-sea».

According to the forecasts of experts this year increase in revenue will be 23% to reach 67 billion. RUB. Growth will happen against the backdrop of increasing the share of products with a high degree of processing. According to Mikhail Voevodin production volumes at the same time slightly decreased. If in 2014, the corporation issued 29.264 million tons, in 2015 the figures are 28,8−29 thousand tons. However, in 2016 Avisma productivity can grow up to 30−31 thousand tons. The planned level will be achieved through new facilities. Their introduction will begin in the second half of 2015.

As for investment, it is the corporation is stable. Every year in the projects invested about 200 million. USD. Financing of projects which are long-term, carried out in stages. This year, some doubts arise due to exchange rate fluctuations. But M. Voevodin believes that the volume of investment will not undergo major changes. VSMPO-Avisma is planning to increase the annual production volume to a level of 40 000 tonnes in 2020.

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