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Severstal-metiz will release new products

22 September 2015

Severstal-metiz continues to develop new products. It is intended for automotive, machine-building, construction and railway sectors. For 8mesyachny period the company developed and brought to market more than 40 new titles. The most promising specialists consider mounting direction. produced elements for the transfer of arrows path for Russian railways. The products meet all the requirements of GOST. They also meet the safety standards established in the rail sector.

Severstal-metiz expanding and calibration direction. Today the company launched production of new types of rolled wire rod. The surface of the product is processed in a special way. New types of bar stock used in the production of auto-components. The main consumers — engineering Belarusian enterprises and leaders of the automakers in Russia. rolled products Mastering was done in order to increase import substitution. The development of this project is due to the commissioning obtachnoy line. It was launched in the calibration of the shop. Another innovation Severstal-metiz — rolling with a specially treated surface for the railway sector. It is used for the manufacture of the individual rolling elements. The company is actively expanding production of shaped sections. More than 15 products have been utilized in January-August.

CEO of the company A. Shevelev convinced that the development of production of new products not only expands the market. Strengthened the company's position in the industry. In addition, it is developing and staff, increasing the experience and qualification of employees. Such improvements are achieved through technological improvements, and modern equipment.

Another innovation from the company Severstal-metiz — a program of visits to clients. The main goal of the program is to familiarize with the use of the company's products in the field. At the same time estimated the problems and address issues arising in the course of its application. Through these visits, the company is able to respond more quickly to client requests. Also reduced the level of potential claims. The delegation includes representatives from the departments of industrial and commercial management members.

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