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In the US, falling volumes of imports of rolled brass

26 August 2015

Board manufacturers of copper and brass in the United States published the latest statistics. According to them, the volume of imported brass rolled products in June 2015 declined markedly. Exports also demonstrates the low level of incidence. According to reports the amount of import brass rolling fell by 6.6%, reaching 44,116,000. Pounds. The same period in 2014 showed results at the level of 47.225 million. Pounds.

The main supplier of brass mill products in the US in June this year was Germany. In general, the volume of supply for the month reached 10,326,000. Pounds. South Korea, with deliveries amounting 6.252 million. Pounds takes 2nd place. The third position Mexico, providing 5.257 million. Pounds of products. The June number of imported brass sheets, plates, sheets and foil reached 14.030 million. Pounds. Pipes and pipe production volume reached at the level of 15.313 million. Pounds. The number of imported rods, profiles and fittings reached 11,045,000. Pounds. The amount of wire was 3.729 million. Pounds. In general, the first half of the volumes imported brass reached 261.342 million. Pounds. At the same indicators when compared with the results of the same period last year demonstrate the decline of 4.1%.

As to the volumes exported from the US brass mill products, the June figures were 21,929,000. Pounds. The results are 0.2% lower than exports in June last year, when the exported quantity was 21,982,000. Pounds. The main destination for exports of rolled brass became Mexico. Delivery volumes in the country reached about 8.706 million. pounds. Second place goes to Canada — 5,557,000 pounds… Also went in the direction of delivery of the PRC at the level of 1.385 million pounds, South Korea with 1.104 million pounds, and Saudi Arabia -… 1.216 million pounds.

Exported volumes in June strips, plates, sheets and foil reached 7.434 million. Pounds. Pipes and pipe products were exported in the amount of 5.028 million. Pounds. The volume of exported profiles, reinforcement bars and reached 7.365 million. Pounds. The number of exported copper alloy wire was 2.102 million. Pounds. In general, exports of brass rolled products fell by 1% in the first half of 2015 relative to 2014. Value was 129.078 and 130.165 million. Pounds.

As for copper, the metal for 6mesyachny period demonstrates the excess at 151 000 tonnes. At the same time for the full 2014 surplus amounted to 295 000 tonnes.

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