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Happy Independence 2015

24 August 2015

July 16, 1990 the USSR government signed the Declaration on State suverenitetestrany. The same day, a resolution was passed on the Day, proclaiming the independence of Ukraine. In memory of these events, Independence Day was first celebrated on July 16, 1991. Why have the people of Ukraine celebrates Independence Day on August 24? On this day in 1991 the Supreme Council of the USSR was signed Act of the country's independence. December 1st of the same year all-Ukrainian referendum the proclamation of the Act has been confirmed.

In light of recent changes in the date of the celebration should be adjusted. Since 20.02.1992, the Ukrainian Supreme Rada signed a decree concerning the Independence Day. It pointed out that the country's Independence Day on August 24 becomes. Events are assigned the status of a nationwide public holiday. In this case the decision of 16.07.1990 are repealed.

Independence Day from the beginning of its appearance was celebrated solemnly and magnificently. Folk festivals, gala concerts, parades and marches have become a tradition with the decorated streets of Ukrainian cities of national symbols. And in 2015, the old traditions are not forgotten. In Kiev, in this day held a parade on Khreshchatyk. summary Sun column, the National Guard and the State Border Service will participate in the March of Independence. However, military hardware parade will not take place, in contrast to last year's celebrations.

The monument of national heroes be decorated with wreaths and bouquets. A special role is given to the veneration of the memory of those who died defending democracy, rights and freedoms of citizens. At the Sofia area planned to hold celebrations and concerts. In the Park of Glory in 12−00 announce a nationwide minute of silence honoring the memory of those killed in the ATO.

Another special event to be held in Kiev, Independence Day — Ukrainian embroidered shirts parade. Participate in it can the representatives of Ukrainian regions, demonstrating the traditional national costumes. The official opening event is scheduled for August 23, the venue of the Sofia area and the territory of the reserve «Sophia of Kyiv».

The park «Vladimir hill» and Andrew's descent is traditionally scheduled for fairs, exhibitions of art and souvenir design products, objects of fine and applied arts. No cost Independence Day without fireworks, which will take place at 22−00.

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