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The Norwegian company has closed another deal

13 May 2015

In late April, the Norwegian company «Hydro» closed a deal with the German company WMR Recycling, giving it a new name «Hydro Aluminium Recycling Deutschland». The acquired asset is focused on preparation of aluminum scrap. Its production annual capacity is 36 000 tons. After a change of owner supplies will go in the direction of the European plants of recycling Corporation «Hydro».

Building the foundation was launched recently under the new facility for recycling of aluminum cans in the factory «Rheinwerk», now a part of the «Hydro». After construction of the plant will make it possible to double the processing power, which will be about 100 000 tonnes. Investment in the project involve 45 million. EURO. During the construction will be provided by the order of 40 working points. The final stage will be in the beginning of 2016.

According to the vice-president of «Hydro» Ketla Ebbesberga in the new shop will use innovative technology for the sorting of scrap aluminum. The volumes processed in the year was 50 000 tonnes of aluminum cans, bringing transformation of the corporation into a leading recycler.

And it's not the only step the Norwegian corporations to the goal. In February 2015, representatives of the «Hydro» officially announced the decision to build a pilot production management. His work will be based on technology that will reduce energy consumption and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. The production capacity of the new company is expected to reach 75,000 tons of aluminum. Start of operation will be in the second half of 2017. A pilot project will be located on the territory of the plant for «Karmoy» aluminum production.

According to the corporation's president Svein Brandtzega over the last decade this project is the most significant in terms of investment. The decision to implement a corporation shows confidence in the future State of the Union in the field of aluminum production. Construction of the new company should start at the beginning of 2016.

Another project «Hydro» was launched in late January. The plant «Grevenbroich» has started construction of the production line of aluminum rolled products, used in the manufacture of car bodies. The project cost is 130 million. EURO. His ultimate goal — increasing the production capacity from 50 000 to 200 000 tonnes.

Another 45 million. EUROkorporatsiya invested in aluminum production Neuss. The structure of the company was added to the shop for sorting, crushing and processing of scrap. The emphasis is on the used aluminum beverage cans.

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