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"Svyatogor" summed up the results for the last year

1 April 2015

OJSC «Svyatogor» reviewed the results of the work over the past year. The main products of the company is to blister copper. Its release on the indicators of 2013 increased by 2.2%, exceeded 80 000 tonnes. Regarding indicators of 2013 results for the extraction of the ore deposits of the Northern Group reached 100.8%. In the first half of 2014 dropped down waste power Tarnerskogo career. The losses were offset by raw material extraction and New Shemurskogo Shemruksky. With that, at the Novo-Shemurskom career continue mining works, mining of ore passing reached the mark of over 300 000 tonnes.

At the processing plant «Svyatogor» more than 2.5 million. Tons of raw materials were processed in 2014. This result is 2.7% higher than in 2013. The release of copper concentrate increased by 3.9% compared to 2013. During the reporting period it produced about 15 000 tonnes of sodium bisulfite. Regarding the indicators in 2013 it was 106.1%. Last year, the capital investments of JSC «Svyatogor» reached the level of 1.8 billion. RUB. Of this amount for capital construction was spent 1.3 billion. RUB. On the purchase of new and replacement of old products has gone 325 million RUB, installation of equipment -. 167 million RUB… In charity, the company spent 74.1 million. RUB. For the maintenance of objects of social sphere has been allocated about 9 million. RUB.

In 2018, «Svyatogor» management plans to complete the reconstruction of the copper-smelting production. On the modernization of the equipment and technology is expected to spend about 10 million. EURO. In 2014, for the modernization of the crushing plant equipment have been sent to more than 36 million. RUB. In this case the installation of a new crusher and two screen replaced was made. New units are different from the old presence of the automatic lubrication system. Using the system provides high accuracy in the distribution of supplies. In this work the staff is largely facilitated.

In 2014, screens the park at the processing plant consisted of 3 pieces of equipment. Production capacity of each screen is 450 tons of ore / hour. Installation of the new equipment will remove the old mill in the reserve, while reducing maintenance downtime. Accordingly, the increased performance processing plant.

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