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On March 8

7 March 2015

March 8 the entire population of the world celebrates International Women's Day. Probably, this festival is not for nothing occurs at the beginning of spring. It marks the birth of a new hope, a new life. The symbol of March 8 is considered to be branches of mimosa and tulips, the first spring flowers. Presenting their women, men express their admiration and the admiration of the beautiful half. And this is not surprising, because any woman, regardless of age and status deserves them. For his persistence and loyalty, with the tenderness and care, with the loving heart and kindness. Behind every successful man stands a woman, it provides a strong reliable rear.

For this holiday the women were heavy unbeaten path. It tells the story of a day of honoring female existed since Roman times. However, for today's holiday on March 8. relations he has not. But points to the fact that even then the men pointed out the merits and virtues of women. But it is too long, women felt by all the «charm» of discrimination. And no wonder that a century of unfair treatment resulted in protest marches. A consequence of the confrontation became a holiday recognized and celebrated today by all.

Dear women, on the day of March 8 — a day of joy, tenderness and kindness — I would like to express my gratitude. You are beautiful and amazing, your care and love has no borders. Let today's day and all subsequent days will be filled with warmth and light, smiles relatives and people close to you, spring mood and joy. Happy holiday!

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