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Analysts promise to increase the production of stainless steel

4 March 2015

Last year, stainless steel edition broke all records. The volume of output amounted to 41 mln. Tons. In 2014, production increased by 7.6% compared to 2013. According to MEPS believes this year stainless steel production will continue to rise. According to the forecast, in 2015 indicators will reach the mark of 43 million. Tons, which is 4.9% higher than the 2014 results. At the same time China increased stainless steel production by 5%. Number of products reach the level of about 22.9 million. Tons, accounting for over 50% of world figures. In 2014, almost all manufacturers of stainless steel, except South Korea, increased volumes relative to 2013. The highest figures showed Japan and the United States. results were somewhat lower than in Taiwan and the EU. At the same time total production volumes significantly behind the 2006 results.

Release of stainless steel in Japan decreased by 6.2% in 2014, amounting to 3.40 mln. Tons. At the same time production figures in 2013 reached 3.63 million. Tons. The slowdown is due to the fall in the country's domestic demand. However, in December 2014 the main issue of the enterprises of stainless steel began to recover. Cumulative production of the six major enterprises amounted to 280 066 tonnes. This result is 5.7% higher than November's figures, when the volume of melt were 264 959 tonnes. In comparison with 2013 the year in the same period production fell by 12.5%.

This year, consumers tend to cut inventories in the first quarter. Production is in Japan for 3 months will not undergo significant changes especially. However, analysts believe that the decline in stainless steel output in the country will be observed in 2015. As shown by statistics, some plants have begun to implement a plan of regular production decrease. Decreased demand from the automotive sector in the near future will further reduce performance.

China in 2014 produced 23,161,000. Tonnes of crude stainless steel. In annual terms, the results increased by 16.4%. Consumption of stainless steel in the country amounted to 17,464,000. Tons. Thus, the growth reached 11%, which is below last year's figures. According to data provided by the Customs, China exported 3.852 million. Tons of stainless products. Increased delivery volumes amounted to 43.4% in 2014.

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